Healthy Sweets Make Happy Employees in Central Valley and Fresno

At Golden Valley Vending we are proud to offer a variety of healthy alternative products including beverages, candy bars and cookies that have reduced levels of fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Healthier employees are happier, more productive, feel appreciated, and take fewer sick days. Join Golden Valley Vending for snacks that keep your Central Valley and Fresno employees smiling.

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We make healthy vending even easier by labeling the more nutritious options with our Eat Smart logo, letting your employees know that they’re making a great choice for their health. With our Eat Smart program, your employees can focus on work and health without the hassle.

Healthy vending machines in Central Valley & Fresno

Healthy vending
for your break room

Allow us to stock your vending machines with healthy choices.
Reward your employees by offering nutritious food and beverages
onsite in your Central Valley and Fresno break room.

Upgrade your break room IN CENTRAL VALLEY AND FRESNO!

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