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Vending Machines Vending Service HanfordGolden Valley Vending specializes in vending machines and equipment for businesses and groups in and around Hanford in the Central Valley including Fresno.
Full service vending is what we do here in Hanford, offering the best in equipment and name brand products through vending machines. Vending machines help you supply the food and beverage needs in your workplace, allowing your staff to get refreshed and back to work quickly in the process. In Hanford, you have many exciting items to choose from for your vending machines as well the vending machines themselves.

Your Hanford vending machines will be new, energy efficient, stylish and very dependable. Golden Valley Vending install your vending machines, cleans and maintains the, fills them and keeps them full-all at no charge!

Vending products available to you in Hanford include Pepsi Cola products, Coca Cola products, snack vending machines, food vending machines (hot, cold and frozen foods), coffee and other hot beverages in vending machines, healthy choices of foods and beverages for your vending machines and a whole lot more! You choose the products for your vending machines to handle the needs of your staff.
Vending options in Hanford include Traditional vending where the purchaser pays the full value, subsidized vending where you pay a portion to keep the prices low for your staff or free vending, a huge employee benefit where you pay for the products purchased in the vending machines.

In Hanford, you can simply call us at (559) 686-4892 or email us at info@goldenvalleyvending.com


Our service area includes but not limited to Visalia, Tulare, Hanford, Lemoore, Fresno, Clovis, Delano, Dinuba, Porterville, Kingsburg, Selma, Reedley, Lindsay, Exeter, Sanger and Goshen.