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Vending Machines Vending Service ClovisYour employees in Clovis currently have to leave the office to go and get basic foods and beverages to keep them focused and refreshed. These breaks hurt production and morale, and are easily rectified by installing vending machines at work loaded with name brand quality beverages and foods.

Your Clovis location can have vending equipment installed for free, filled for free, and maintained and serviced all for free. Talk about a win-win situation! Vending machines are dependable, attractive, energy efficient and they are customized to fit not only your office surroundings but are filled with the products you choose to best supply your individual needs.

We have food vending machines for your Clovis location as well as coffee vending machines, snack vending machines, candy vending machines, Pepsi Cola vending machines, healthy and nutritious selections in vending machines and vending machines with Coca Cola products to name just a few. You can also choose to have traditional vending, subsidized vending or free vending for your Clovis employees.

The only way to get started is to contact us! Call us at (559) 686-4892 or email us at and our friendly and courteous staff will come to your Clovis location and explain all the benefits and options available to you!


Our service area includes but not limited to Visalia, Tulare, Hanford, Lemoore, Fresno, Clovis, Delano, Dinuba, Porterville, Kingsburg, Selma, Reedley, Lindsay, Exeter, Sanger and Goshen.