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By calling on Golden Valley Vending in Bakersfield, you’ll be able to experience the difference that a full service vending company with a highly trained professional staff can make. We do vending right, and you will have the flexibility of choosing from a wide variety of vending equipment and quality name brand products to fill them with!
Vending machines can actually increase productivity and boost morale in your Bakersfield office by supplying foods and beverages to keep your employees content and focused on their jobs. Vending areas create a common break area for employees to meet and exchange ideas. They will get to know each other by face, not just a name in an email or on a document.

Vending machine product choices in Bakersfield:

  • Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola products
  • Foods-hot, cold or frozen
  • Snacks and candy vending machines
  • Hot beverages in vending machines like coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • Vending machines with healthy foods and drinks
  • Sport and energy drinks in your Bakersfield vending machines
  • Vending choices of traditional vending, subsidized vending or free vending

Vending equipment in Bakersfield:

  • New and stylish vending machines
  • Energy Star rated for energy efficiency
  • Dependable
  • Installed, filled, cleaned, serviced and refilled free of charge!

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Our service area includes but not limited to Visalia, Tulare, Hanford, Lemoore, Fresno, Clovis, Bakersfield, Delano, Dinuba, Porterville, Kingsburg, Selma, Reedley, Lindsay, Exeter, Sanger and Goshen.